Thursday, October 30, 2014

Unarmed Cactus

Rachel and her family visited Arizona in 2009 and the memory is very sweet. However, she picked this card to adopt because of the cacti. Those are saguaro and they almost always have arms. When Rachel and her sister saw their first "unarmed" cactus, it was quite the surprise, and became an inside joke between them.

It isn't obvious from the image, but the white cactus is actually a cutout. Rachel made sure the cactus cutout didn't come back unarmed ... she put a bit of transparent tape over the front and back :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Most Important Site On This Map

I love mapcards and transit mapcards are my favorites! This is the unmistakable London Underground, AKA the Tube. Shannon moved to London after graduating university and what was supposed to be a six month stay ended up being longer. Before arriving, Shannon imagined London as a series of neighborhoods, connected in straight lines, like on the Tube map. What she found out is that there are no straight lines in London, anywhere! Such is the case with old cities ... their streets are meandering.

Shannon also discovered that sometimes walking is quicker than taking the Tube, even if only a few stations. She also notes that Tottenham Court Road Station (in the center of the mapcard) is the home of the best Paperchase stationery store ever. I think every mapcard should note the best stationery stores as they are the most important sites.

This is another in the series of UNESCO World Heritage postage the Canadian post issued this year. This one showing the landscape of Grand-Pré, a community in Nova Scotia settled by Acadians, French colonists of 17th century. I would love to visit this area again as it has such an beautiful mix of old world, pioneer and contemporary cultures.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Window Shopping

I've long had a fascination for windows, both in real life and on postcards. I like to wander streets when visiting other places and look for interesting windows, either because of the architect, or just the way they are decorated. I don't peek into the windows ... that's not my sort of intrigue!

These window are in Stockholm, Sweden, and this card is from IKEA. I like the toes in the upper left window! Joe adopted this card because he has a friend who lives in Sweden. When Joe visited his friend, they took a trip to Stockholm. It was a rainy, foggy day, but  Joe writes that the brightly colored houses counteracted the cold gloom. We could use more colorful architecture here to brighten our darkening days!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Eyes Upon the Castle

This view of Vaduz Castle in Liechtenstein is one of the postcards from the original stash of rescued cards that inspired Orphaned Postcard Project. It was the first ever castle postcard I ever owned, and I thought it the most beautiful postcard I had ever seen.

Hella spent her honeymoon in 1971 at Lake Constance in Switzerland and made an excursion to Liechtenstein. As they hiked the hilly area of the city Vaduz, the castle was never out of sight. She wonders if this photo was taken around the same time as her honeymoon.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A View of History Through the Windows

This stained glass window is in the Basilque Notre-Dame in Montreal, Canada. The windows tell the history of the religious and social life of the early settlement of Montreal, called Ville-Marie in the 17th century. This panel honors the construction of the basilica.

Mary Beth adopted it because growing up with a Catholic upbringing, she has a love of stained glass. She visited Notre-Dame in Paris and was mesmerized by the windows there and longs to journey to Montreal to see these windows.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Wise Words - da Vinci

Minna is a researcher, though she writes that she is not "Nobel prize level." She thinks her best accomplishments would be a series of scientific articles that other researchers could cite in the future. That does sound like she has "happened to things," as da Vinci's Wise Words suggest. I like that way of looking at accomplishments. I want to work on happening to things.

Finland, where Minna lives, has some of the best postage in the world. This circle postage, with two bird chatting, delights me. I think I need to "happen" to the US Postal Service and get them to start issuing more fun postage.

Friday, October 24, 2014

"Visiting London"

This postcard, adopted by a person who wishes to remain anonymous, brings back a bit of a mischievous memory for that person. A few years ago, the adopter visited London about eight times, each time telling their boss it was for "useful stuff," like going to museums and seeing friends. What was actually going on were clandestine meetings with a significant other that no one knew about. They never even saw Buckingham Palace, one of the most visited places in London! The best weekends of their lives were spent in a tiny flat, cuddling, watching silly movies and eating pizza.