Friday, October 24, 2014

"Visiting London"

This postcard, adopted by a person who wishes to remain anonymous, brings back a bit of a mischievous memory for that person. A few years ago, the adopter visited London about eight times, each time telling their boss it was for "useful stuff," like going to museums and seeing friends. What was actually going on were clandestine meetings with a significant other that no one knew about. They never even saw Buckingham Palace, one of the most visited places in London! The best weekends of their lives were spent in a tiny flat, cuddling, watching silly movies and eating pizza.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wise Words - Frank Gehry

This Wise Words are some of my favorites. I'm still discovering my talents, and learning how to work with them.

Frank Gehry is an architect, known for his sculptural way of designing buildings. They seem to dance, and, indeed, one of his buildings, in the Czech Republic, is called The Dancing House.

When I sent this card to Outi in Finland, I asked if she had discovered her talents. She writes that she has written three books and knows that her strength is in her writing. She is also quite good at crochet, knitting and cross-stitch.

I always thought it was a truism that everyone knew their talents, but I've learned that isn't always true. I wish one of my talents was helping people find their talents.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


This wild postcard is the artwork of Terri Chiao. It is from the A Series of Flight postcard set and it is titled "TOKYO." Fumie recognized the Japanese beer, barely visible on the left :) She writes that she visits Tokyo to see her parents, but, because of Postcrossing, also to shop around in all the artistic book and postcard stores. She also loves to wander the large green parks in the very center of the city.

I'm not a huge fan of Hello Kitty, except when it comes as postage all the way from Japan. Then it sends me into fits of delighted squeals. 

I am hoping for a Maru postage issue from Japan. Have you heard of Maru? He is an incredibly photogenic kitty who likes boxes. He has his own YouTube channel. Whenever I feel blue, I turn on Maru.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Left Behind

This is a reproduction of a WW I poster encouraging British men to enlist in the army. Janet bought a copy of the actual poster while on a school trip to the Imperial War Museum in London. It hung on her bedroom wall for years.

As Janet looks back on this poster, and thinks of the family that did go to war, she realizes what she probably knew as a teen, but feels more so as an adult. Janet writes, "Losing a loved one in conflict is not as noble as the propaganda tries to make it." It is painful and sorrowful and whatever is noble on the part of those left behind does not make up for the loss.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Postcard Déjà Vu

Meteor Crater in Arizona is the site of a meteor impact 50,000 years ago. The site is on privately-owned land and you have to pay an admission fee to view the crater. I don't know if you can get into the visitor center, pictured here, free, but I think that is where my visit would begin and end. It would be all about the postcards.

Karla visited this site in 1972, just before her 11th birthday. Her family drove around the eleven western US states in a station wagon, hauling a tent trailer behind them. Their family of five covered a lot of miles of that summer! Karla notes that this vintage postcard could very well match one they bought that summer.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Monster Train #5

This is the fifth in the Monster Train series by the artist Joey Ellis. I just love the look on the birds face!

This card traveled well all the way from Poland. Curtis wanted to find whimsical postage to match the card and came up with the stamp featured here. It has characters from the Disney movie, "The Pirate Fairy." Curtis had never heard of it until seeing the stamp. I have four grandchildren who could recite all the lines, backwards and forwards, as this is one of their current favorite movies. I have to admit that I found it cute, the first time I saw it. It wore a bit thin at about 10 views.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Animals Sneaking Up On You

I don't know where the photo for this postcard was taken, but the animal posing for the camera is an elk. When I sent the card to Mervi, I asked what is the most surprising animal she has seen in the wild. She wrote that it was a moose (hirvi in Finnish, Mervi's native language), and she was lucky to have seen it before it met her car's bumper! Moose are often quite stealthy for such large animals!

This postcard is designed as vertical on the back as well as front. In the US we cannot mail cards with this orientation on the back without incurring a steep "non-machinable" surcharge. However, since this card was to be mailed from outside the US, that surcharge doesn't apply, and I was thrilled to get it back with the address written in the vertical orientation. And, look at the awesome postage! I think the building on the left is a typical sauna, which the Finns are so keen about. The stamp on the right shows a rural mailbox, and it is actually reinventing the wheel :) Mervi even left room between the stamps for the elk logo!