Sunday, December 17, 2006

Art and Wishes to Faustyna

Two cards in my post office box yesterday.

On the back of the above card, sent from Boston, MA, on 11 Dec. 2006, is a black and white drawing that looks like it could be an abstract cow, but I'm not sure. I am sure I like the drawing, though. And the words inscribed... "We are all stronger than everything they taught us to fear." The line is from a song called Reinventing Axl Rose by a band called Against Me!. But I found that out on my own. It wasn't attributed on the card itself. The quotation marks are enough to tell me the words are not the artist's.

I like the card, which is a PA view. This one is from Somerville, MA, (and the song is about this particular Somerville and there is a reference to Suck City, which is the Irish Riviera where I lived for 25 years). It was mailed the same day as the other card. Sender says that having an IKEA nearby should be a step in the right direction towards happiness. Perhaps. I know my books are much happier now that they have lovely places to live. And the sender wishes me well, "and perhaps happy."

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