Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Love and Death

A woman in GA sent this postcard in response to the first batch of cards I sent. She quotes John Lennon, "All you need is love," on the back. Second postcard with a music quote on the back. Maybe music is the answer. Maybe we should be making more music and talking about music and using music to teach. Maybe I am jumping to conclusions after only 4 responses. This woman thinks we can be the change by "being, by talking, by listening instead of just hearing." Good words. Will it work? If not, why not?

And the first poignant moment for this project. Received this patchwork notecard from a sender in MA. She writes that her daughter received one of my postcards (it was in the first batch) and she "looked" forward to receiving cards. I should have been prepared for what came next, but I wasn't. Her daughter died in September. I did a quick bit of research and found the obit. She was 33 years old and died "peacefully in her sleep." The mother had already buried a husband not too long ago. And now she has buried her only child. The mother wrote "unfortunately, I don't know how to remove her name from the list looking to receive postcards." Fortunately, the listing on has been removed, so this woman won't get anymore cards reminding of her of what she has lost. Though I'm sure she never needs reminding. I did send her a note today letting her know her daughter's name is no longer on the site, and letting her know that I am sorry to learn of her loss.

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  1. Just found your blog via I thought I'd start at the beginning and read a few posts. I also was not expecting to read that the daughter had died. How very sad for the mother! I love that postcrossing brings people together that we might never have known existed.


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