Saturday, February 23, 2008

Russian Mysteries

I've got five postcards from Russia, all published when Russia was USSR, that I can't identify. MYSTERY SOLVED! Four of the postcards are actually Armenian and one is Czech Republic. Thank you anonymous reader, and your dad!

I've posted the back of all the cards on my Flickr account.

It would be really cool to have a current postcard from each of these places, too.

Please post to comments if you know where any of these sites are located. I'd love to replace the URLs in my spreadsheet with actual locations.

Edited to add that a kind reader pointed out the last photo here is not Russia, but the Czech Republic. I wonder if the others might also belong to other countries that were once part of USSR.


  1. The last one is depicting Příchovice in Czech republic.

  2. Czech Republic! Very cool. I'll move that to the correct page on my spreadsheet. Thank you very much anonymous!

  3. Don't mention it.

    Here are the rest of them (thanks to my father)

    The first one: Armenia, Ashtarak region, architectonical monument
    13th century

    2nd: Armenia, Yeghegnadzor region, Tsakhats Kar monastery

    3rd: Armenia, Yerevan, Armenian Genocide monument

    4th: Armenia, Ashtarak region, Ovannavank

  4. Excellent! Thank you, and your dad, very much. I love the Internet!


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