Saturday, August 29, 2009

Interlude V

Just a quick note. I was away on an unexpected trip but I'm home now and have lots and lots of correspondence, postal mail and email, to catch up on. It's a lovely thing!


  1. yes it is a lovely thing . anytime you get mail it is a lovely thing .

  2. I think I'm taking part of the work that's waiting for you..Ü

  3. I'm having a blast with catching up on correspondence. There is a new coffeehouse opening nearby tomorrow. I plan to head there later in the week to finish everything I didn't get done this weekend.

  4. @ postmuse

    Dear Miss Pittsburgh (that's my cute code name for you),

    I sent a postcard from KY via postcross and didn't see it on here...that's OK, I'm sure you can't put them all on, but was wondering if there was some type of criteria to meet in order for you to post them?

    Just wondering.
    Love the blog beyond words!


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