Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Library Love - West Coast Style

All the way to the west coast for today’s library, Los Angeles Central Library in Los Angeles, California. Ann includes all sorts of historic information about this library, including that there are 89 miles of shelves and seating for more than 1,400 people! And the caption is a quote from Melvil Dewey, founder of Dewey Decimal Classification System used in libraries all over the world.
To my thinking, a great librarian must have a clear head, a storng hand, and above all, a great heart… and I am inclined to thing that most of the men who will achieve this greatness will be women.
He said that back in the late 19th century, and it must have been a huge chance he took saying that back then since women were not generally treated to praise of greatness. These days I do think that there are just as many fine male librarians as female. Sadly, no matter how wonderful they are, I fear our libraries are not treasured as they should be and we risk losing many of them to budget cuts.


  1. yes we do and they have already started here where I am and thank you for adding that . I miss my librarian .

  2. I like the quote! but I agree with you: libraries are in real danger, and a world that looses its books is losing its mind; often, I buy old books, thinking it's my little way to save some.But my shelves are already full...

  3. What a fantastic quote.

    I knew a couple of wonderful librarians when I was a child, and I think they influenced my entire view of reading and libraries, in a most positive way. They fit this quote to a T.


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