Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where Corsairs Reigned

This lovely French town was completely destroyed during WW II but was rebuilt exactly as before the war. Marie, a frequent commenter on this blog, notes this town is famous for the corsairs (pirates with really good PR) that called the town home in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Marie also tells me about a bookstore where she spent many hours when she lived in Saint Malo. I'm so ready to jump on an airplane.

Ooooo, and this comment is so incredible, “The city has a special soul, especially in the winter when you share the streets only with the wind and seagulls.” Isn't that a lovely image?

Thank you for adopting this card Marie!


  1. that is an awesome card . wow dont you just love cards like this ? I know I do . great blog and i learn something every day .

  2. No, Thank YOU!for the come back of the lovely memories.. St Malo was my favorite of all cities I lived in.

  3. I'm ready to jump on a plane with you! It sounds like an amazing place.


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