Friday, November 20, 2009

From Niagara to the Yin and Yang of Mail Projects

Eileen lives minutes from Niagara Falls and writes that she has stood at Table Rock (Canadian side) many times, watching the Falls. She never tires of visiting, and I suspect that is more likely a common view these days than it was back at the turn of the 20th century. The National Park system was put in place back then so that the natural wonders of the US would not end up like Niagara Falls, which was cluttered with tourist traps and commercial enterprise. It still is, but preservation efforts have controlled some, though not all, of the development on the US side.

This card was adopted via a listing a placed in The Letter Exchange. I've been a member, of and on, since mid-1990s, and can't say enough about this wonderful magazine. They forward letters and postcards to members worldwide, though mostly in the US. It is a simple system.... you respond to a listing in the magazine (there are examples on their website), put your response in an envelope with the unique LEX ID number for the recipient in the lower left of the envelope, affix proper postage, and then mail that in another envelope to the kind folk at Letter Exchange. They match the LEX ID to the proper address and mail it off.

It does mean you pay double to send your mail, but it also means that recipients have the comfort of knowing their address is never shared outside the confines of the Letter Exchange, unless they decide to write back and share their address. Since I now use a post office box, I don't worry so much about my address appearing online or in print, however back when I first started writing letters to strangers, I didn't have a box and I was thrilled to have a safe way of finding new correspondents. I still love Letter Exchange, though. It is the yin to SendSomething's yang.


  1. thanks for sharing such a pretty post card and for posting this .

  2. Every time I see something about Niagara Falls, I wonder if the reality is like in the movie with Marilyn Monroe: Is there really a clock Tower where you can choose the music played by the bells?..

  3. Yes, Marie, the clock is in the Rainbow Tower and there is a bit more information at Wikipedia. The carillon are automated now, so you probably can't request a tune, but perhaps if you made a request well in advance....


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