Saturday, November 21, 2009

Interlude VIII

About a month ago, MissiveMaven announced on her blog that she was doing a cat postcard swap over at Swap-Bot. I don't use Swap-Bot all that much anymore because the site has blinking ads and some of the user profiles include blinking images, too. All that blinking bothers my eyes. But, I couldn't resist a cat postcard swap. I love cats.

The postcard above went to Japan this morning. I wrote about how sweet my cat, Amber, was being at the time. Amber is not a very cuddly cat so it was particularly nice to have her sitting beside me, purring and looking for pets. Seconds after signing the postcard, Amber swatted me (she didn't use her claws... just wanted to remind me that she has her limits).

The card to the left went to New York state. On that one I wrote about a memory from my teen years. My mother did lots of volunteer work for a local animal shelter, so in addition to our own three cats, we often had foster cats waiting for adoption. It was not unusual for us to have 6-7 cats, especially over holidays.

While in California, visiting relatives on my own, I found a button-pin at a flea market (my first ever flea market). I bought it to give to my mom. It said "Support Your Local Cat-House." Now, I didn't know the actual meaning for "cat-house," until it was explained by my cousins, and I turned a million shades of blush. A cat-house is a bordello.

Yesterday was my mom's 71st birthday. When she turned 70 last year, I told her that she had done the math wrong. I was sure she was only 69. She told me it was my math that was wrong.


  1. Lol about the cat house . In our home it was called the house of ill repute LOL !!! yes I did foster care for a while for puppies or dogs and birds . It was not unheard of for me to have like 6 or 7 dogs at one time or birds at one time . there were always sounds coming from my house . Love the post cards and the story behind them. Love it . thanks for sharing and posting this .

  2. These are delightful cat stories and photos - thanks for sharing them, and thanks for the link and nod to my cat postcard swap idea.

  3. I'm sorry I had no time enough to come those last days, I would have seen the swap and take part of it :-(((.
    Anyway, I like your cards and smiled reading the story about the cat house. Good to know if ever I go to USA, I'll be carefull with what I'll say! Ü

  4. I especially like that first card.

    re: swap-bot - I have ad-blocker plus on my web browser, and was really surprised to see all the ads when I went to the site from some other computer. They really are annoying! But I don't know that they have an adBlocker for iPhone Safari (I've been noticing ads when browsing with my iPod Touch).


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