Sunday, November 15, 2009

Swedish Tiles

This is the interior of Stockholm, Sweden, city hall. There are 18 million tiles on the wall of this room, all depicting scenes from Sweden’s history. The Nobel Prize winners are honored in this room with a banquet each year. Anna adopted this card and noted that she would have liked to visit the building but hasn’t had a chance. It is the one of the major tourist attractions in Stockholm, so I suspect it is very busy.

And just because I don't get to write much about books on this blog, I will note a charming novel, written by Katarina Mazetti and set in Sweden, called Benny and Shrimp. It is a romance, but not typical and though it has its slow moments, it is a very nice read.


  1. oh my gosh here you are talking about books , are you taking after me now with the book reviews ? thanks for the awesome card and the info on the book . thanks for sharing .

  2. At first sight, I thought it was some oriental building!..AHH, winning the Nobel Price of litterature and being invited there...


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