Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dinner Time! Or Not.

Every once in a while, I stumble upon restaurants like this, and usually I quickly stumble right out. All this wood makes me think, "overcooked vegetables, overly creamy pasta dishes, and oversized portions of meat." There are usually no healthy vegetarian offerings on the menu.

This postcard features what used to be the Highland Supper Club in Duluth, Minnesota. Juli wrote that it disappeared in the 1970s, and was replaced by a Grandma's Saloon and Grill.

Grandma's is a small Minnesota chain of restaurants, some with the word "grandma," some with other catchy names. Chain restaurants aim for consistency in all manner of food and service. That is important to most people, because when they are spending their limited dinner-out budget, they don't want to take chances. I tend to avoid chains, though. Sometimes that's not possible so I'll always pick a local chain over a national, or international.

Juli also mentions a site not featured on this postcard, the Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth. It is an unusual vertical lift bridge but was first an extremely rare transporter bridge, the first of just two such bridges ever constructed in the United States. I live in a city that is known for its beautiful bridges, including the only lenticular truss bridge in the US, the Smithfield Street Bridge. Juli writes that the Aerial Lift Bridge is listed on the US National Register of Historic Places, and she could see it from Grandma's Saloon and Grill. That alone might tempt me if ever I should find myself in Duluth, and really hungry.


  1. Sometimes, a chain offers security: when you arrive in a place that you don't know, if you go in one of the chain restaurants you're sure of what you'll find..

    Living in a town where there's no water, then no river, your words about such great bridges make me dream!

  2. wow great post thanks and have a great day .

  3. A transporter bridge? Beam me up, Scotty! :^)


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