Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Mythical Corn Palace

Back when I first started exchanging postcards online, I learned about the Mitchell, South Dakota, Corn Palace. The building's facade is redesigned every year and decorated with corn and other grains. I loved this grand scale art project and it became almost an obsession to find someone who has actually been to the Corn Palace who could send me a postcard about it. I have not yet found anyone who has been to the Corn Palace, but lots of people know about it. I'm beginning to think it doesn't really exist!

Karen adopted this postcard of the mythical Corn Palace and writes about her new electronic device ... a scanner. She has been busily scanning received postcards for PostCrossing, a task which can sneakily take many, many hours. I've did that when I got my first scanner. It seems like you have only been scanning for a short time, but when you look at the clock, it after midnight and everyone is in bed and you have no idea how the entire evening slipped away.


  1. This tradition (i'm speaking about the corn house, not about scanning!)is very strange! and even stranger the fact that you can't find someone who saw it; At least, sometimes postcards are proving that something existed once!

  2. I've been there - I have pictures of it, somewhere... I think I was about 12, so that was... um, a long time ago! But I don't have any cards, if I had gotten any I probably would have sent them off soon after getting them. :)

  3. Shaunna ... are you SURE you were there? Could it have been the power of suggestion? I am still not convinced this Corn Palace is real ;-)

  4. I thought I had some people who'd been there, but it turns out they didn't make it. They did, however, get to Wall Drug!

    Now I need to check with my friend who grew up in Iowa...

  5. Been there - wow! - almost ten years ago now. Mitchell had some amazing vintage stores. Shall root around and try to find photo with bored teens looking thoroughly uninterested in foreground. Priceless!


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