Thursday, October 21, 2010

Autumn's Allure

Autumn is my favorite season. I can't get enough of the bright sun and colorful leaves and cooler temperatures. Autumn in California wine country would be a delight, but I've already had my crazy, spur-of-the-moment trip this season.

Susan used to live in this part of the US, and saw the vineyards every day for five years. She is not a wine drinker, but she misses these views very much now that she lives in Canada.

I do drink wine, and enjoy it very much. When we were in California a few years ago, we made a conscious decision not to visit the vineyards. I would have enjoyed touring and learning about the traditions and methods of winemaking, but I was intimidated by my lack of wine knowledge. I was afraid I'd ask a stupid question (and, no matter what anyone says, there are stupid questions), or not ask a smart question. It was silly of me. I should just learn to do what I want to do, and use the many resources available to me to research my interests so that I'm not intimidated.


  1. I love the colors... and I miss them. Here, in Valencia, even in Autumn, the landscape stays green !
    Thanks again for your postcard from Grand Canyon !

  2. Okay well we have plenty of autumn color here now and can see it every time I look out my window . I will miss the color of the trees when I move back down south .

  3. No autumn colors here, and no wineyards,so no temptation!:)

    And a (fabulous) postcard from Grand Canyon arrived here too!Thank you so much!


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