Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In Harmony

Sarah grew up in Columbus, Ohio, USA, hearing Welsh music. Her mother loved Welsh song and even took Sarah to a local Cymanfa Ganu (Welsh singing festival). Sarah writes, "There is something about the sound of male voices in harmony that thrills me." She lives in UK now, but she and her husband played with the idea of a home in Wales before settling in Reading.

I never did get to hear Welsh music when I was in Wales years ago. I would love to experience that thrill that comes when one hears voices blending to envelope the listener in an experience that is more than just aural.


  1. I also love male voices.They have a special strength ; I saw irish and russian chorals, and was very moved by them.

  2. a letter is on the way to you and yes I understand why you cant correspond as often write when you can . take care and I will always read your blog :) .


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