Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shared Majesty

Maaike lives in Netherlands, which she describes as "flat as a pancake," so when she and her parents visited Mont Blanc, the highest mountains in the Alps, it was a bit of a challenge. Maaike's mom found the slopes a bit unsettling, which I can well understand. As much as I love mountains, I do get nervous when I'm confronted by so many steep drops.

Maaike writes about the river that flows from Mont Blanc glacier and how beautiful she found it. She says the water is milky white and very wild. And a rope bridge as well as large rocks that could be used as stepping stones. I would love to see both those water crossings, but I'd probably pick the stones for crossing. I have always enjoyed stepping stones. It makes me feel like a kid again.

There is talk of Mont Blanc becoming a UNESCO World Heritage site partly because it is considered the origin of modern mountaineering. I don't think much has come of the plan, but it would be a shared site because it falls within Italy, France and Switzerland. I believe this is a view from France. I would have to find one from Italy and Switzerland to complete this one UNESCO site :-)


  1. I think Internet eat my comment! I was speaking about the tunnel under the Mont Blanc, which was very scary because very long..

  2. Hello & thanks for your lovely return card! I really liked the Grand Canyon view with the lightning. I sent the blog post on to my parents (they were the ones who took me to Mont Blanc, after all) and they were amazed to read about their own holiday on a blog. They really liked it.


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