Monday, February 28, 2011

A Bevy of Bridge Postcards

Susan in Canada read my post mentioning the Duluth lift bridge, and sent me this postcard to add to Orphaned Postcard Project. Soon after Krissy from Duluth adopted the card. Krissy spends lots of time down near the lift bridge at Canal Park. She enjoys sipping a smoothie from Amazing Grace, which sounds like a wonder local café, while watching the ships come in. And just on the other side of the bridge is a beach where she can swim.

And not only did Krissy send the "orphaned" postcard back, she sent three follow-up postcards featuring different views of, and from, the bridge! The first shows a ship coming in from atop the bridge. Krissy says that this area holds her heart. I love the passion she has for the industrial side of her city!

And then there is the lovely night view where Krissy likes to stroll while on dates. She writes that kissing on the bridge is very romantic :-) I'm falling in love with Duluth already!
And the most recent postcard features a very chilly ship passing under the bridge. Krissy notes, "the cold is all worth it when the ship comes through," and that she enjoys running down the dock alongside the ships.

Such wonderful spirit and enthusiasm. I so enjoyed all these postcards and look forward to continued correspondence with Krissy.


  1. What an impressive bridge!it seems to have an important place in people's heart there, and I'm not only speaking of room!

  2. I have enjoyed hanging out there as well. Duluth is a neat town. :)

  3. I'm going to snap a picture of the bridge and mail the photo to you. Not because I do it better than the photographers, but because they're doing maintenance on it. :)


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