Sunday, February 27, 2011

Italian Peaks

Dolomites, Italy
When Marie wrote this card, she was on her way to a ski trip in Austria, but she wrote of a special ski trip years ago in the Dolomites. It was her first ski vacation without her parents. She and two friends had a wonderful time skiing in the region, which is quite large. There is a route called "Stella Ronda" that take skiers on a loop around the Stella area. It takes an entire day to ski the route. That would be a fun day!

I haven't skied in many years, but when I was younger I skied most every weekend. I've only skied in northeast US, which often is a bit rough ... lots of ice and rocks. I'm told if you can ski in northeast US, you can ski anywhere in the world. I'd like to try a bit of skiing in other parts of the world. Just a hour or two on the slopes, and then lots of time enjoying aprés-ski.


  1. I practiced ski only once in my life, and it was the day when I said the most awful words of slang, because i did not succeed skiing, almost broke one of my legs, was falling every two minutes..I hated it and never tried ever again! BUT: i liked very much the "après-ski" time..:o)

  2. I have heard that about skiing the the NE too. Train there, but go to Colorado, Idaho or Utah for the real fun and great snow.
    In the Dolomites, I'd just be happy to look at the scenery.


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