Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Postcard Adoption Project!

Emilie is taking part in MailArt365, like me, and that is how she came to find Orphaned Postcard Project. She also has a blog featuring lots of mail and she has a brand new "postcard adoption project," which I think will be lots of fun. I'm thrilled that OPP has inspired another mail project!

Emilie has a box of postcards featuring covers from Penguin Books (the publisher, not books about penguins). I adopted Catcher in the Rye, and I'm looking forward to writing about the book and sending it back to Emilie. But, people don't have to have read the books to adopt a postcard ... there are some obscure titles ... so head on over and pick a book cover to adopt!

And this mapcard ... this mapcard of Delaware was adopted because Emilie felt sorry for poor Delaware. I've had Delaware"orphans" waiting for adoption for three years, and Emilie is the first to adopt a card from that state.

Emilie grew up in Maryland, close to the Delaware border. She writes that region of Delaware is known for being more relaxed than the rest of the state. In fact, Emilie remembers a sign that says, "Welcome to Lower Slower Delaware."


  1. When I was young and wanted to learn USA by heart, I remembered well Delaware because it's the only state beginning with D. :)But I must admit that's the only thing I know about it...(shame on me!)

  2. I wish Delaware drivers were "lower slower"! Postcards of Penguin covers? Wow! Penguins got me through a soap opera period of my life while living in Kyoto. Memories, memories, memories. jacqueline

  3. I'm the new ¨mother¨ of two (postcards) ! Thanks for the link.

  4. Delaware to me equals do NOT go above the speed limit! Last summer, we drove to Rehobeth Beach and I was obsessed with the speedometer the entire time we were in DE. Local towns there make a great deal of money giving out tickets for speeding ie going 31 mph in a 30 mph zone. I didn't even want to imagine the possible comments over A's French driver's license! Hmmm...maybe I should go look at the DE cards, we're going back again this summer!

    Thanks for the link too, I went and adopted some new cards!


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