Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Long Road Up

Lion Gate at Mycenae, Greece. 
Katerina remembers Mycenae in the summer. She writes of groups of art students who visited every summer with their professor from Illinois, USA, and of her time with them in Mycenae and other Greek sites.

The opening at the end of this steep road is through the only surviving monument of Mycenaean sculpture at the site, Lion Gate.

When I was in high school, I wanted to be an exchange student. I thought it would be great to travel with a bunch of students to another country. I never did get to do that, so I made sure my children had the opportunity. They didn't enjoy the experience nearly as much as I thought they would, and I wonder if maybe they only went because I wanted them to go.


  1. Don't worry about your children... I am sure they benefited from the experience anyway! I didn't enjoy every moment of my exchange year... I had some hard times (and didn't tell my Mom until later and sure enough she was very upset then) but all in all it was worth it and it made me who I am now!
    By the way I've never been to Greece and somehow I am not that interested in it even though I believe it's beautiful and very interesting.

  2. I agree. I did a high school exchange that nearly imploded, but it taught me a ton about adapting, picking my battles, growing up and outside of myself, and being independent.

    It was also really great for exposing me to other lifestyles and reminding me that NYC (and America in general) is NOT the center of the world. Good lessons for any American kid, since we're such an isolated country.

    Studying abroad in college was much the same, even though it was often really frustrating. It's definitely worth it, even if the benefits seem hazy at the moment.


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