Saturday, April 16, 2011


Johanna noticed lots of my Australian "orphans" are recorded as "gone missing" in my database and it caused her dismay. So, she sent me this card featuring the gorgeous Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains to replace one I sent out years ago that never came back. I'm thrilled to be able to add this to my collection.

When the Terracotta Warriors were on exhibit in Sydney, Johanna made the trek to see them with her sister-in-law. Then Johanna stayed a bit longer to visit Katoomba, and enjoy the Blue Mountains. What a wonderful juxtaposition of man-made and natural wonders.

I also love the airmail postage Johanna used. It is one I don't think I've seen before and reminds me of the famous US postage, Inverted Jenny. However, the airplane featured on this lovely postage is older than the Jenny.

Johanna notes on her Postcrossing profile that one should always put an airmail sticker on mail to Australia. I wish I could. Those stickers are harder and harder to find in the US. We no longer have any surface mail, so all mail is airmail. Unfortunately, that does not mean that every postal service in the world is aware of that change in the USPS. I think that is the reason so much of my mail takes so long to reach its destination. Although, I'm told that other countries are doing away with surface rates, too. Airmail stickers are soon becoming collector items!


  1. That is a gorgeous card! Although it seems like they should be called the orange mountains instead of blue mountains :^)

  2. I've had the chance to visit the Three Sisters and they are gorgeous! The Blue Mountains are truly a site to see!


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