Friday, April 15, 2011

Smiles From Utah

This postcard carries a most spirited introduction on the back. Juli adopted this card and sent it to her friend, Sarah to send back to me. I remember smiling when the card arrived in February. Sarah writes that she is from Wyoming, lives in Utah, and takes photographs of everything. And she drinks beer and coffee ... which it the part that made me smile because I love when people write about favorite beverages, but Sarah couldn't have known that when she wrote this card.

I've only been to a teeny bit of Utah, in the southwest corner, but I'd love to explore the entire state. This topographic mapcard highlights the state's bumpy landscape. It's the sort of place I love to visit.


  1. Utah , for me, means Utah Beach in french Normandy, during the second world war; And It's also a place where Robert Redford bought land to protect it, and where there's the Sundance movie festival..

  2. My dad was born in Utah - his dad worked at a coal mine in the mining town of Hiawatha. IIRC, he was a mechanic, though, not a miner. Anyway, in a college anthro course I decided to write a paper about my family in that town. I read quite a few articles in the Utah Historical Quarterly. Imagine my excitement when I found one of my uncle's names in an article!


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