Friday, May 6, 2011

Majesty Reflected

One of my dear correspondents contributes to a weekly meme called "Weekend Reflections" on her blog. I don't contribute to memes because I can't follow through week after week, but when I saw this postcard, I thought of Marie and her reflections and made sure I scheduled this orphan for a weekend post.

Amy visits June Lake via a trip through Yosemite National Park, which only adds to the wonderfulness of getting away from the hustle of every day life. She and her husband's sisters' families camped in June Lake one year and they pitched camp by a spot near very steep rocks. Her sisters-in-law were not at fond of such a temptation with boys in tow, so the next time, the camp was by the road, with no steep rocks to tempt the boys. I'm sure that a few years later, access to the road and quick trip out to the nearest town to find girls would have been a more dangerous temptation ;-)

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  1. I'd love to spend my weekend there! It looks beautiful :) One more reason to get back to California!


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