Saturday, May 7, 2011

Scent of Spring

Magnolias tried to brighten the early spring here, but our weather was just too cold for the delicate flowers. And, we had terrific winds, which scattered the petals like huge snowflakes.

Every state in the US has a state flower, and magnolias are Louisiana's. My home state, Massachusetts, has the Mayflower. There is an old rhyme that goes
April showers
Bring May flowers.
When I was a kid, living in Massachusetts, we always added, "What do may flowers bring?" And the answer is "Pilgrims." I think only kids in Massachusetts understood that play on words.

The scent of magnolias is very sweet, sometimes a bit too cloying. Shelita lives in Louisiana but she can't recall seeing magnolias of late. She does, however, recall the fragrance. It is a scent not easily forgotten ... one much stronger than the flower itself.

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  1. Hey, I got that joke, even way over in New Mexico!

    We have magnolia trees here in MI, but I'm not sure if they're the same as the ones in Louisiana. The buds start pink and the lower part of the blossoms are pink - seems like the ones in the south are all white.


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