Monday, July 25, 2011

Surreal Sandwich

This is another of William Rowe's "surreal" postcards. It is titled "In the Still of the Night" and as freaky as it is, it delights me. I'm thinking the sandwich is grilled cheese, because it looks like there is a griddle in the upper left corner. The plate has a fish design, and the sandwich halves sort of look like a fish opening its mouth to bite the pickles.

Wolfey found the image freaky, too. It reminded her of her last meal before boarding the airplane for India a few years ago. That sandwich was an apple and blue cheese sandwich, which sounds like it would be very interesting, but like most airport food, it was blah.

And, Wolfey provides us with one of her favorite sandwich ideas ... toasted French or Italian break topped with chopped avocado spritzed with lemon juice and sprinkled with sea salt. Nice and easy and it would be a very tasty breakfast!


  1. Hello Post Muse, love the colors on this one!


  2. good morning ; ))
    I'm Caroline and I come from the Polish .I really like your blog ; **
    I know that you are on postcrossing. I'd love to receive from your card.I would be very happy if you sent me a postcard from your country ... greetings; **

    Karolina .. kisess ; **

  3. Hello Postmuse !
    Back from France, back to school and back to the net !
    I'm curious : did you receive all my postcards during Summer ?
    Tell me.


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