Friday, December 2, 2011

Tick Tock Two

Today's clock is from Rouen, in Northern France. This astronomical clock, called Gros Horloge, dates to the 16th century, though the clockwork is much older, perhaps 12th century. This postcard is also quite old. It was published in France and the captioning on the back looks handstamped. From the fashion, maybe 1940s?

Marie experienced a first in Rouen. In 1986 she left her sunny south of France home and went to work in Rouen. It was raining when she got there, and the next morning she awoke to fog. Marie hadn't ever experienced thick fog, and, to make matters worse, she had to drive in it! She crept along at a very slow speed and wonders now at how many other drivers cursed their luck that morning.

Clocks are one of my favorite collecting themes, but the reason I decided to have back to back clock "orphans" yesterday and today is because they were both adopted by Maries. And they both arrived back here right around the same time. And the two Maries have similar handwriting. I always have to check the postage to see if it is German or French before I'm 100% sure which Marie is writing :-)


  1. That's the Marie -T -from-France- one today, be sure of it!:o)

  2. I went one time to Rouen (from Chartres, 3h drive) because my husband wanted to do some special shopping (a fridge for his collection of wine bottles !!!). We went to the store... and to the Gros Horloge and the place where Jeanne d'Arc died ! What a trip !


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