Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Starting In Praha

The back of this postcard has a name penciled in at the top, "Peter." It is in my handwriting, and it is on the left corner of the card. Those bits of information help me date the receipt of this postcard to 1996-97, when I was freshly on the Internet. I exchanged unwritten postcards back then, and always noted the name of the person on the back of the card. In later years, I wrote the name in the right corner, as it would be covered by a stamp and I wouldn't have to hunt an eraser before sending it to someone else, because, by then, I had started to exchange more written and postmarked postcards. I love the traveled look.

Sarah loves the travel look, too, but she wears it on her person. Last summer she embarked on a romp through Central Europe, with a stop in Praha, Czech Republic. When she sent this orphaned postcard back, she had just arrived, and was still a bit jet lagged. But, she was looking forward to exploring this lovely city after a solid night's sleep. It is such a lovely city and a wonderful place to start a romp.

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