Thursday, November 8, 2012

City on the Verge

This lovely cityview is Detroit, Michigan. Detroit has had some hard times in recent years. Its days of automotive domination are no more. However, Lori believe her beloved city is making a comeback, and I think she is right. I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a city that was once a blighted industrial city, but is now quite lovely.

Lori remembers whiffle ball in back alleys, elm trees and cracked sidewalks. And she remember Belle Isle, the island park from where this photo was taken. Belle Isle is where Lori's Bat Mitzvah was celebrated.

Here's to a city on the verge of a strong revival!

This postage is from a series devoted to stamp collecting, a hobby I never took much interest in, even though I do love interesting postage. I just prefer it on mail than in an album. So, I guess I do collect stamps, just not the traditional way.

Last weekend there was an interview on one of my favorite radio programs, Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, with the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institute, also known as America's Attic. Wayne Clough was engaging, especially when he talked about the National Postal Museum. Do click through to the link and give it a listen. And thank you Mazzie for the tweet that alerted me to the show!


  1. Tomorrow night I am going to see the film "Detropia".

    1. That looks fabulous! I probably won't get to see it in the theatre, but I will add it to my Netflix. Thank you Cynthia!


  2. I wanted to see Detropia too but didn't get to. Adding it to my list.

    Did anyone see Searching for Sugarman? Also I have seen in the postcrossing favorite cards "Save Detroit" cards- they look cool.


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