Thursday, November 15, 2012

Of Potato and Passion

When this postcard featuring a nondescript potato field on Prince Edward Island, Canada, showed up as a donation to OPP, I smiled and thought, "Such a weird thing to feature on a postcard, but fun!" I didn't realize the actual significance of P.E.I potatoes until Sarah adopted this card.

It seems tiny P.E.I produces a huge volume of potatoes, both for Canada and worldwide. Sarah writes that she found out about P.E.I. potatoes when she was 7 or 8 years old and became fascinated by them. I suspect if Sarah and I were contemporaries, and lived closed to each other as children, we would have started a Potato Club, because that sort of interest in the mundane was the kind of thing that I would have found fabulous when I was young. I still do, but not with the passion I had a child.

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  1. How could you not love a place called Prince Edward Island, and its potatoes? That is a much more elegant potato source than "Idaho" :) (Sarah here!)


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