Monday, December 10, 2012

Of Statue and Sport

This view of the Statue of Liberty with all its statistics is well-loved on Postcrossing. Emmah can well appreciate the stat in the lower right, about the statue weighing 450,000 pounds (over 200,000 kilos). She visited in a few years ago with a school excursion (a six hour, one way, bus ride from Maine!) and her memory is of thinking the statue would crush her. It does look a bit precarious up there ....

This postage is from the Celebrate the Century series released at the end of the 20th century. This one celebrate the US Bicentennial in 1976. Other 1970s events commemorated in that series were the first Earth Day, Women's Rights, Monday Night Football, The Pittsburgh Steelers football team winning four Super Bowls ... wait a minute ... football got TWO stamps in that issue!?


  1. I collect lighthouses (on postcards, on stamps, on books... as I can't collect them "in real"), and I always wonder if the Statue of Liberty is a lighthouse or not...

    And I've never had a postcard of this Lady, even trough Postcrossing!

    1. Liberty does have a light, but is not a lighthouse. The light isn't bright enough to be a true lighthouse. For a short time it was managed by the main lighthouse authority in the US, though.

    2. Thank you! So, in some way, it "was" a lighthouse...

      (I've just written the last postcard I adopted -Marrakech- and I'm going to the post office right now...!)


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