Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sicilian Antiquity

This bit of antiquity is from Selinunte, an archaeological site in Palermo, Italy. The relief shows Hercules carrying Cercopi, a group of dangerous people who robbed and murdered travelers. Legend has it that these two were presented to a queen and then later turned into monkeys by the god Zeus.

Jenna considers herself a "mutt," meaning her heritage is a mysterious mix. But, she does know her great-grandparents came from Palermo, and she longs to visit Sicily to connect with that part of her heritage.


  1. Your collection amazes me!

    1. Oh ... if you could see the mountains of postcards that need sorting and filing! When I wrote this post three years ago, I estimated 9,000 or so postcards in my collection. It is now double that. I am constantly on the lookout for ways to artfully store such a large collection. And I have completely revamped my organizing system, but only got halfway through the change, which is why there are mountains of postcards waiting to be put away. But, I kind of like the task.

  2. Sicily is a fabulous place, so rich of history, and .. good food and wines! :o)


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