Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Take a Right After the Green Monster

This rather unusual "Greeting From" postcard is the work of Pittsburgh artist, Matthew Buchholz. His store is called Alternate Histories and he uses lots of historic images that he subtlety, and sometimes not so subtlety, alters to create a history that might have been. I'm quite a fan of his work, and I look forward to seeing him at Handmade Arcade this weekend. I also look forward to another meet-up with craftgasm, who will also be a vendor. If any other readers are in Pittsburgh on Saturday, let me know and we can toast mail together!

Laura adopted this card because she and her husband honeymooned in California, but they delayed that honeymoon so they could attend Comic Con, a huge convention dedicated to showcasing a wide variety of popular culture, not just comics. That little bit of information thrilled me to pieces. It is something I would do, if I ever decided to marry again. Laura saw stormtroopers, superheroes, vampires, anime characters, video game villains, but somehow the large red-eyed creature featured on this postcard, waving hello to the Freeway traffic, missed the convention. Laura writes that she would have enjoyed chatting him up.

The Titanic postage on this postcard is quite impressive. It is a se-tenant, which is unsing more than one stamp to create an image or scene. I can't help wondering what sort of alternate history Mr. Buchholz would create for the Titanic. Perhaps a sea serpent bringing the ship down instead of an iceberg.


  1. I thought about it, and the large red-eyed creature probably missed the convention because he (she?) missed out on buying passes, which sell out in a few hours. The door people are really strict about not letting in anyone that doesn't have a pass--regardless of whether they are 6 feet tall or 60! :)

    I like the idea of an alternate history where a sea serpent brings the ship down instead of an iceberg! I wonder if Jack would have still declared that he was "King of the World" then; a certain sea serpent would disagree....

  2. A kind of Godzilla!
    I'd like to see a comic con once , we have none here :(

  3. We went to a "Kids Read Comics" mini-con this past summer - it was fun! But only a tiny taste of the real thing, I'm sure.

    Is the background picture on that postcard a vintage photograph? I'm wondering if the Victor Hugo Inn was a real place...

    1. That is a vintage photo ... Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) in Laguna Beach. Victor Hugo Inn is real, but burned in the 1950s. It has been replaced by an upscale restaurant.


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