Friday, January 4, 2013

Dear Mr. Braille

Dear Mr. Braille,

I think you might be surprised, considering the resistance of educators to your reading and writing system in your own lifetime, to know that Braille can be delivered electronically now, through a software called RoboBraille. Indeed, the Internet, a network of electronic communication, has helped make Braille even more accessible.

I don't read Braille, but Bev, who adopted this postcard featuring a "Google Doodle" honoring you, had a friend who was blind from birth, and who taught Bev a little about Braille. Bev writes that she is not very good at it, but she enjoyed her friend's lessons and considers her an amazing woman.

Google, an Internet resource, has dominated the Internet for years, but I think the folk who do their math need a bit of schooling. Their own website credits the "Doodle" as celebrating your 107th birthday on 4 Jan 2006. We both know it was your 197th birthday.

Today, on your 204th birthday, I say thank you, Mr. Braille. Your creation has inspired so many and will continue to do so for years to come.

Postally Yours,


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