Saturday, January 5, 2013

In Training for a Heroine

Somerset Royal Crescent
Bath's Somerset Royal Crescent was built in 1767 and features 100 Ionic columns, forming a perfect semi-circle, a beautiful example of Georgian architecture. And most of the exterior design has remained the same over the last 250 years!

Siobhán visited this marvel on her birthday a few years ago. She also visited the nearby Jane Austen Centre. Austen was not fond of Bath, but she did use it as a setting for one of my favorite novels, Northanger Abbey. The subject line for this post refers to the protagonist of that novel, Catherine Morland. I took that line to heart when I was a teen.

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  1. I wish I could go there because I'm very fond of Jane Austen! For Christmas , I got 3 books about her this year! :o)


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