Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Interlude XXXI - On Why My Fountain Pens Have Dried Out

This wonderful postcard came from Heleen in the Netherlands. It isn't an orphaned postcard, but I just love it so much. Dutch postmen deliver through all kinds of weather ... on bicycles!

It isn't quite this snowy today, but there is enough snow that I'm staying in to catch up on mail that has piled up in the last couple months. How much mail? Over 200 pieces, dating from the end of September, according to my incoming mail database. I am usually a month behind in mail, longer for thank you mail for returned orphaned postcards. But, the last couple months have been burring in a blizzard of threads and fabrics.

I try to make costumes for my eldest granddaughter every year for Giftmas, but this year I decided to make winter outfits for all four grandkids, too. The eldest, Savannah (age 5), loves pinafores, like Alice in Wonderland. Tate, my 3 year old grandson, has never worn a bowtie, but it looks cute with the pants I made for him. The piping on the pants and the bowtie is the same material as the girls' dresses. And he kept the bowtie on all day for the family gathering! The two youngest, Aurora and Meredith (ages 15 months and 9 months) have the same dress, different sizes.

The two costumes are Ariel and Jasmine. Both are way too big for Savannah, but that makes it easier to get in and out of them. And the mermaid tail has an opening on the side so she can actually walk it in it! Clicking on the above photo will make it larger.

Today I covered the sewing machine, even though I have a dozen or so new projects to work on for a new venture I'm exploring. I am sitting down to this pile, or rather, these piles of mail. By the time this post appears on the blog, I hope to be through at least 1/4 of the piles, and have the rest ready to write during the rest of the week.

But first, I have to get all my fountain pens re-inked. After so long without use, they are all pretty dried out and looking for some loving. My cat, Amber, will be thrilled. She has a strange fascination with fountain pens and will come running as soon as she sees the pen cases open.

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  1. I hate when I find my pen has dried out. Grr!


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