Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pretty in Purples

This lovely purple-y view of the Tower of London was taken from The Queen's Walk, along the Thames. Laura's favorite part of visiting the Tower of London was seeing the Crown Jewels, which have been kept in the Tower since the 14th century. Before that they were at Westminster Abbey, but a theft convinced the Royals that it would be best to keep the treasure someplace more secure.

Laura learned that the jewels are often reused for different crowns, for example, Queen Elizabeth's crown has jewels from her mother's crown. Laura thought it quite wonderful that the Royals also recycle :)


  1. I hope to visit the Tower of London someday. Mostly I came to say how exciting it was to see you featured on Postcrossing's blog post today!

    1. Thank you Julie :) It was so very exciting for me!

  2. I love it when my former orphans get posted! Mostly because it reminds me of my trip and of when I was actually at those locations.

    Thanks again for allowing me to participate in the project.

  3. Very witty recycling comment and lovely card!

  4. Congrats for becoming famous in Postcrossing world!
    You are the jewels of mail crown! :o)


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