Friday, February 1, 2013

Of Tortoise and Tradition

Oxford. The name alone evokes tradition. And Julie writes about tradition in her message on tis card. She visited Oxford while traveling in the UK last year, and one of their tours was of Oxford University. Their tour guide gave them an account of one unusual tradition at Oxford.

Every year the colleges have a tortoise race. The tortoises are pampered the entire year in preparation for the race.  Sadly, one year two tortoises expired before the big day. Tradition is tradition, so rules were ever so slightly tweaked. Two students were allowed to dress as tortoises and race the course. However, the students lost as they were falling down drunk at the time of the race. Slow and steady and SOBER wins the race!


  1. As I love and collect those animals, I'll keep this tradition in mind. BTW, what's the difference between tortoise and turtle?...

  2. A tortoise is a land dweller, turtle is water creature ... that is the biggest difference, though I think there may be overlap for some varieties. There is a third kind called terrapin and that one is definitely both water and land. I think the names are all used differently depending on where in the world one might be, too.


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