Friday, February 22, 2013

Putting the "Pol" Back Into Politics

The building on this postcard is the New York capitol. I think it is one of the prettiest capitols in the US, though I've never seen it in person, only on postcards.

Cathy has lived in New York for 25 years, and is very active in politics, but she finds her state capital quite removed from political reality. She is part of a growing movement that wants to make state politics more representative of a diverse population, and more responsive to innovative ideas.

I am so pleased to have Cathy's passionate message about politics on the back of this postcard. "Politics" comes from the Greek meaning "relating to citizens," but citizens don't really seem to want to relate to government. I think much has been written about how political divided the US is, but I don't really think it is all that different from how it has been for all the years the country has been a country. We just hear about it more now because opinions travel faster, and louder, these days. But I do think we have lost the ability to carry on discourse in the US. Everything is a one-way screaming match, on the right and left. I would like to see a return to polite, studied discourse, even though it may be dull, and may not be as effective at selling advertisements in newspapers and on television and websites as the screaming is.

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