Sunday, May 19, 2013

Of Dogs and Babysitting

Kaitlyn first fell in love with the 101 Dalmatians movie, but when she was 15, she babysat her little nieces and she discovered the magic of reading aloud as a way to keep the calm. She read this book and that was the charm. Kaitlyn writes that this is one of her fondest memories of her nieces at that age.

Dodie Smith is probably best known for this novel, but she wrote two other novels, and one is a favorite of mine ... I Capture the Castle. It has one of the best opening lines of any novel, contains lots and lots of literature and art references, and its ending is quite perfect. I look forward to the day when my grandchildren are old enough to read it.

This postcard is part of a large collection of Puffin Book children's book covers, and I picked out nine favorites to added to Orphaned Postcard Project. This is the second of the nine to be featured on the blog. The first, The Snowman,  appeared this winter, and there are four more scheduled for the summer months. Two are still traveling, and one, The Improbable Cat, is still available for adoption.


  1. I received two years ago "I Capture the Castle" for my (35th) birthday. I had never heard about this novel or the author, and it captivated me from its first word. I don't consider it is a novel for children well, at least I'm not a child any more and I just loved it :D


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