Sunday, February 9, 2014

Where the Climate Suits Her

Austa visited New Mexico many times to enjoy the wonderful climate before moving therein the 1970s. She retired to Santa Fe, New Mexico in the mid-90s and enjoys the cool summers and winter snow at the Santa Fe Ski Resort 15 miles from her home. That's the kind of weather one has at a 7000 foot altitude!

The "Greetings From" card is the original "orphaned" postcard I sent Austa. She also sent back a companion card featuring a vintage view of the Sana Ana mission church. It was built in the late 16th century and contains no pews or benches. Worshipers stand or kneel on the bare floor.

The back of the postcard carries a postage stamp from a 2005 issue called New Mexico Rio Grande Blankets, part of the American Treasures series. The stamp set has four designs, all very different. The postage design is also reflected in the design on the wrap worn by the person sitting on the mission wall.

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