Saturday, March 22, 2014

Once Upon a Time

The top mapcard is the original "orphaned" postcard I sent to Austa. It is quite large, and very pretty. Austa also sent back the below mapcard featuring just her home state Native American tribes because the larger card does not show as many tribes as the smaller. Austa writes that she thinks there are even more tribes not represented on the smaller map, which seems likely to me, too.

I've featured other Native American mapcards in the past, Oklahoma, Colorado and California. Such a rich history, but a history that is not very well told in most formal schooling in the US. And, often, only told as background for a larger non-native history.

The story of Geronimo, featured in this 1994 Legends of the West series, has often been boiled down to just a catchy way of jumping into a new venture, or actually parachuting out of an airplane. Images of Native American people are also used as mascots for sports teams, too. Once upon a time we didn't know better, or perhaps thought such things an acceptable way of honoring a different culture. However, once upon a time is not how we should approach the future.


  1. Very neat. Today I saw "Young Lakota" (Inependent Lens) at the Chicago Cultural Center, and they had a wonderful panel of 4 Native American women discussing the film after. I liked the panel better than the film.

  2. I have a book saying that there are (or were) 500 indians nations. Not sure to see 500 names on those very beautiful cards.


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