Monday, March 24, 2014

What's For Lunch?

This postcard is a US publication from a series called Wanderlust. The back caption identifies the image as "Japanese Fast-Food Lunches." Fumie writes that she never expected such a view to exist, probably because it is not as prettily photographed as most Japanese postcards.

Fumie writes that this is a very true representation of lunch. Her favorite lunch is noodles, like the ramen noodles at the top. But she also likes other varieties of Asian noodles, too. I would love to have noodles every day for lunch, too, but usually I end up with a boring sandwich because it is easy.

I think the mountain on the postage is Fuji, but I am not 100% sure because most every photo I see of that mountain shows it snow-capped! This view is rather tropical.


  1. Noodles, makis, sushis.. Yuuuummmmmmmmm !

  2. I had one of these box lunches on the bullet train from Tokyo to Koriyama, Fukushima, with a view of Mt Fuju off to the left. With a cute little can of green tea.

  3. (comment got eaten the other day when i first tried to enter this)

    I wonder if someone in Japan is thinking: I would love to have a sandwich every day for lunch, too, but usually I end up with boring noodles because it is easy.

    1. With the amount of time put into the fancy sandwiches in Japanese lunches, I bet they do think sandwiches are too much work!


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