Friday, March 21, 2014


The large building in the center of this view of Milan, Italy, is Sforza Castle. It now houses many museums, including a museum of musical instruments. Oh, how I would love to see that museum!

Karla visited Italy in the summer between her junior and senior year of high school. She recalls the entire group, all 24 students, boarding a train in Milan and then realizing they were on the wrong train. The all disembarked, crossed the tracks, and boarded the correct train. Karla writes that it must have been an interesting sight, though I suspect one or two travelers might have shaken their heads and muttered "Youth! Wasted on the young" in any number of languages. 


  1. Crossing tracks?!! Wow, in Italy it's already dangerous to cross a street!

  2. There is a musical instrument museum at UM, but I've never been to visit it. I should correct that oversight! We did go to a museum dedicated to mechanical musical instruments - things like player pianos - up near Traverse City. That was very very cool.


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